White, narrow glass panes Wooden folding doors

Original and modern folding doors with narrow glass panes. White folding doors are made from solid wood coated three times with acrylic paint. As a result, […]

Original and modern folding doors with narrow glass panes. White folding doors are made from solid wood coated three times with acrylic paint. As a result, the door is uniformly white with a satin finish The wood grain is still visible. We would be more than happy to send samples for comparison of painted and white-painted wood by post. Lower guide is left lacquered, in the natural colour of beech. Doors segments are joined with white, sturdy, permanently glued tape. They are additionally reinforced at the bottom and top with galvanised metal fittings. The doors are closed magnetically. Regardless which model and size you choose, white folding doors are an unobtrusive and elegant accent to any interior. Nowadays, such products – which are non-mass-produced and made from natural, renewable materials – are increasingly valued. Each door is made to order.
• doors made of knagless solid pine wood,
• extremely solid, does not electrify unlike its cheaper plastic (PVC) substitutes,
• since 1990 our company has been producing folding doors (it is more than 30 years on the mar-ket),
• What distinguishes us from other companies is high quality materials and modern technology,
• we provide professional assistance via telephone, e-mail, in our workshop and on our website,
• the product purchased is under warranty for 5 years,
• our folding doors have been created by a highly experienced designer

The package includes:

1. Door wing – 1 pc
2. Upper rail – 1 pc
3. Doorstep – 1 pc
4. Side channel – 1pc
5. Handling – 2 pcs
6. Lower sliding pad – 1 pc
7. Screw for pad – 1 pc
8. Lower sliding pin- 6 pc *)
9. Short lower fittings – 2 pcs
10. Long lower fittings – 2 pcs *)
11. Screws for fittings – 16 pcs *)
*) quantity in the case of a standard 80 sm doors.

Available colours

We offer two white colours and one grey. Upon request, colour samples can be sent by post. The sample is made the same way as the door – from pine wood, painted with primer and twice with topcoat.
The threshold is made of beech wood. Its natural colour will not be changed.

Upper sliding
• upper guide rail – plastic guide rail, reinforced with an aluminium profile and wooden decorative channel on the outside,
• polyamide door hangers – a simple, robust, reliable solution,
• metal fittings to reinforce door sections.

Magnetic closure

Lower sliding
• Hard beechwood threshold,
• polyamide insert to reinforce and stabilise the first trim,
• Metal fittings reinforcing the door sections from below, additionaly metal pins to stabilise the door.
NOTE: It is possible to install our folding doors without lower sliding.

• The pre-assembly measurement depends on the chosen assembly methhod : measurement_instructions_no.1. Please measure the width W and height H of the opening in which the door is to be installed.
• The assembly of folding doors can be done single-handedly. The height can be easily adjusted using simple tools: cutting_instruction. Upon customer request, we will prepare doors to the specified dimensions.
• How to assemble a folding door depends on a place where the door is installed. The door can be installed in an existing frame (in two ways) or directly in a machined opening without a frame: measurement_instructions_no.1.
• We recommend a different installation method in the existing door frame: measurement_instructions_no.2

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